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When Technology Meets Puppetry

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When Technology Meets Puppetry

In 2017, four organisations coming from Belgium, France, Slovenia and Romania working for the development of the art of puppetry joined together to form Numeric’s Art Puppetry Project (N.A.P.P.) supported by the creative Europe programme.

This publication, which was initiated by the Puppetry Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation that also led this prospective project, aims to be both a return to as well as an overture of the main achievements, contributions and challenges of this platform dedicated to the overlap between the art of puppetry and digital creation.

In this regard, and in addition to a selection of participants’ testimonies and visual documents on the projects carried out, this publication outlines some background reading on these creations and augmented puppetry devices that increasingly make up part of virtual reality, robotics or moving images made possible by digital technology thus concretising new forms of multimedia writing without forgetting its historical foundations.


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